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Yoochun: Hmmm.. Jejuko, how long we have been together?
Jaejoong (Jejuko): Hmm, counting this year is 5 years.
Yoochun: Jejuko, I’m already tired of our relationship.
Jaejoong: Eh? What are you saying? Please rethink it. Yoochun! Rethink it! Yoochun, rethink it! Yoochun! 
Yoochun: I’m tired of being your boyfriend.
Jaejoong: No! Yoochun! No! I can’t live without you! You idiot! 
Yoochun: Jejuko…
Jaejoong: Yoochun! *cries*
Yoochun: Jejuko…
Jaejoong: I don’t want it… *cries*
Yoochun: Please marry me.
Jaejoong: Eh?.. W-What you mean? (doyukoto)
Yoochun: I mean that. (shoyukoto)

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TVXQ is not about the numbers, about the awards or records (ps: we all know that TVXQ tops them all). TVXQ is about music, perfection, talent and of course hard work. This 9 years have been full of ups and downs, happiness and tears, but we never back down from the top. Being beside you change our life and made us better persons. We Cassiopeia, will always stand by TVXQ and will always wait for your return as 5 stars under one name. We love you as 5, as 3 and as 2, we love you no matter what. Always keep the faith!

~ Jung Yunho, Kim Jejoong, Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu, Shim Changmin~